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In the electricity business and energy RIC formed subsidiary PT Riau Power with 51% ownership stake. In 2010, through PT Riau Power, RIC will carry out some action plan:

Combine Cycle 1x10 MW & 1x20 MW

Combine Cycle PLTU 1x10 MW on August 8, 2012 has been on the "Launch" and 1x20 MW Simple Cycle power plant that has been operating in the Gulf of bull since 2007.

PLTG 1x14 MW
PLTG 1X14 MW Teluk Lembu Pekanbaru still feasible during guarantee the availability of gas from PT Kalila it can be ascertained. This project does not require huge funds because quite relocate, and modify the PT CPI ex Turbine grants from Duri to Pekanbaru. The project value is approximately Rp. 40.9 billion.

PLTU 2x15 MW  

With the cancellation of plans to build PLTGB 1X6 Inhu, where the local government has given KP IHHU Coal RIC according to the MOU that was signed earlier, the project instead of 2x15 MW power plant to be built (Mouth Mine) located at KP Coal has been given. The value of the project is estimated Rp.560, 6 billion.


PLTGU 2X45 Duri is planned for early stage fueled MFO (Marine Fuel Oil) before the availability of gas as a generating fuel. PLTGU will use GE Frame 6B turbines are now no longer operated in China. The project also received support from the Riau provincial government has asked for allocation of gas to PT PGN to supply fuel gas to PLTGU 2x45 MW. The project value is estimated at Rp. 734.5 billion.

Consortium GAS

Through PT ZUG Inti Energy is processing gas management 20 petrified, for its power in Dumai and Duri. Signing gas purchases with PGN was held in Jakarta some time ago. Is currently in the process of drafting stage Cooperation Agreement (PKS).

Steam Power Plant (PLTU)
>> Muara Takus

To take advantage of Primary Energy Sources Coal is available in Kampar district, PT Riau Investment Development (PT PIR) through its subsidiary PT Riau Power plans to build a Steam Power Plant (PLTU) Muara Takus capacity of 2 x 15 MW in Kampar district.

Hydroelectric Power (PLTA)
>> Koto Panjang 2

To take advantage of Hydroelectric Energy Resources Water abnundance Koto Panjang 1 (3 x 38 MW) owned by PLN, PT Riau Investment Development (PT PIR) through its subsidiary PT Riau Power plans to build a cascade Hydroelectric Power Plant (PLTA) Koto Panjang 2 capacity 50-60 MW.
PT PIR has signed MOU with PT Danareksa Tbk for funding Koto Panjang 2 hydropower project is expected to cost 2.5 million USD / MW or a total of approximately 150 million USD equivalent of 1.5 trillion rupiah.

New Variant Riau Rice:
RR Pulen, RR Premium, RR Kampar, RR Bunga Raya, RR Rokan, RR Pulau Kijang, RR Bagan, RR Patin, RR Terubuk, RR Mendul dan RR Merbau.

Riau Rice (RR)
Riau Rice (RR) is the rice that was declared as Rice County. Rice County itself uses rice variety IR64 and other superior varieties grown in the region Province of Riau. For the initial stage of the new RR was developed in the district SIAK Bunga Raya district. In cooperation with PT Bank Mandiri Tbk through PKBL programs currently total area of rice fields that developed RR is 2000 hectares rice fields.
Production done in Rice County Rice Milling Unit (RMU) owned by PT Riau Multi Trade, located in District Bunga Raya with engine capacity of 1.2 tons / hour, Riau Rice was able to produce 150 tons / month. Currently marketed rice Rice County through the system to agenan spread in the district of Riau Province. In addition to increasing the production capacity of the RR will be developed through the establishment of several RMU in Riau Province and the addition of product varieties.

Coal Trading
During 2009, PT Riau Multi Trade has been exploring opportunities to trade coal trading trial into the domestic market in and outside the province of Riau. Sales for 2009 reached + / - 5000 MT of Coal. Based on market opportunities that have been opened, in 2010 PT Riau Multi Trade plans coal trade up to 6000 calories specification of 20,000 tonnes per month. The main targeted market is the sale of the paper mill IKPP - Perawang. In addition to targeting domestic sales of coal sales targets will also be planned to meet export demand.

Particle Board

Follow up calls increased downstream palm oil industry PT PIR plans to garden waste and millers through the establishment of the particle board plant. Particle board is a small piece of wood or other material berlignoselulosa tied with an organic adhesive and with the help of one or more elements of heat, pressure, humidity, catalyst, and others.
Later the manufacture of particle board will empower garden waste oil and waste in the form of dried stem of a palm oil mill in the form of empty fruit bunches (tangkos). Assuming an investment of USD 8 billion and engine capacity plant 20 M ³ capacity engine plant 20M ² / hr required raw materials stem / tangkos ± 900 tons / month. The calculation of BEP project plan is 2 years old.


In the telecom infrastructure projects, January 28 PT PIR has done contract No. cooperation. 83/HK810/PIN.00.00/2004 on Provision and development of telecommunications services (PPLT) based on CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) with PT. Telecommunications Indonesia Tbk Sumatra Regional Division 1.
PPLT collaboration include the development of BTS (Base Transciever Station) at the Long Strait Bengkalis district of Riau Province. Cooperation contract was later amended by adding a location Bengkalis, bringing the total Unit 8800 Telephone Connection (SST). Through this contract, the project switched to PIR ANK Consortium formed the joint operation of the cooperation between PT and PT Riau Investment Development Alita Kalyanamitra nationalism.
In 2007, based policy management, project sale (buy out) to PT Telkom.

The project is cooperation between the Riau Investment Corp., PD Facilities Development & Quantum Index Siak bhd Malaysia Sdn. With an investment of up to Rp. 25 billion. Development of Pekanbaru Cybercity aims to make the city of Pekanbaru to be high-minded forward. This project has been unveiled at the event launching joint projects RIC others on August 8, 2012.

The project, developed by RIC in cooperation with PT Bumi Laksana jaya (BUMD Bengkalis) with a focus on Project Data Center and Application Development of multi interface. The first product that has been launched is the application "Pekanbaru Navigation" which can be downloaded from the official website Center development plan which will be built in the city of Pekanbaru pad planned for completion early 2013.

Motor BIMA

Together with the local education agency (UNRI) Alaf PT Riau and Japan (Muscat Car Co.), PIR set up a company in the form of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) to establish a joint assembly and motorcycle trade. The joint venture called PT Asia Rim Reliance (PT ARR). Currently using Japanese technology, PT ARR has been producing motorcycles BIMA.